Friday, December 23, 2011

Banana Puddin

Oh banana puddin, I do love it so. There is nothing in this world like it!

You will need:
2 LARGE Bowls
mixer & bowl (hand mixer works best in this case because you need it twice)
measuring cup
scooping spoon

1 pkg. Jell-o instant pudding VANILLA 5.1oz
1 pkg. Jell-o instant pudding Banana Cream 3.4oz
1 can Eagle Brand condensed milk 14oz
2 1/2 cups milk
2 1/2 cups heavy whipping cream
8oz PHILADELPHIA cream cheese (softened)
1tbs vanilla extract
1tsp banana extract
1 box NILLA wafers
3 bananas

In your mixer bowl, combine heavy whipping cream and extracts, whip(on high sped) until very stiff, a little bit thicker than the texture of regular whipped cream. Refrigerate until ready to use. In a large bowl, combine milk, pudding mixes, and condensed milk. Whisk for a few minutes until partially stiff then let sit. Break up cream cheese and spread evenly over pudding. Use hand mixer on medium speed to combine pudding and cream cheese. Mix for 5 or so minutes, making sure that all clumps of cream cheese are gone. You may see very tiny cream cheese bits, which you can mix until gone, or leave in. Either way is fine. After cream cheese & pudding are mixed, fold in half the whipped cream. Slice 3 bananas into rounds. It is up to you on how thick, depending on if you like it chunky or not. Fold banana slices into pudding. Fold in other half of whipped cream so that you see the white marbling. In the other large bowl, line bottom with one layer of nilla wafers. Ladle/dollop pudding mixture over wafers until covered. Add another layer of nilla wafers, then repeat with pudding. Top with final layer of wafers.

I know you're looking at it right now and you just want to gobble it up because dang it is just so fantastic, but we all know that banana pudding is best served cold. SO make your pudding at least a couple of hours before serving. It's even better after chilling over night.

I won't claim to have the best recipe ever... try it for yourself and tell me if you've had better! Remember to like/share my posts & blog!!


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